SA Phendula Assessment


Weak rabbits.
Rabbits in a very poor condition.
Animals with any major defects or abnormalities, especially genetic.
Rabbits showing evidence of any illness, fresh or unhealed wounds, abscesses and or parasites.
Deviations from the normal, natural, functional, efficient conformation and type of a hardy, commercial
meat production SA Phendula rabbit.

Production stock must be treated / culled. Pet rabbits must be treated and sterilised.
No breeding of these specimens is allowed.
Breeders’ discretion however, will be permitted, if for instance, an animal has a skew leg, due to a previously
broken leg and it is obviously not a genetic fault. This would be a rare occurrence and the animal must be of
really good quality to justify breeding. Animals disqualified due to poor condition or illness may be re
assessed, at a later date after treatment if they show promise of quality.

Viable breeding stock, with penalties not enabling Stud status due to noncompliance, but has no major cull
defects or abnormalities.
This includes some “transition types” if the progeny could be viable as SA Phendula.
This breed will continue to develop for some time and the gene pool must not be restricted too early.
Conformation and type to be as correct as possible.
A certain amount of leeway to be given in assessing fur type, length and colour.
Average animals regarding quality.

The breeding of a Commercial rated buck is not recommended. Breeders’ discretion is permitted however in
the instance of a “transition type” and the progeny assessed can be viable commercial (does) in terminal meat
production or stud stock. Should the progeny be of undesirable quality the buck and progeny must be culled.

Higher than average individuals in regards to quality in all aspects of the accepted breed standard. Although
possibly some discretion and lenience at this early stage in development of the breed should be considered by
the judge.

Animals of an exceptionally high quality that meet all requirements of the accepted breed standard.
Rabbits assessed and classified as Elite should be the most excellent specimens of the SA Phendula breed.