News & Updates
Rabbit Identification:
ZEZ for Zenzele Farm (registered with the Department of Agriculture)
tattooed in the left ear and a running number in the right ear.
The two ladies (both due this week) needed cooling down, so I built them a Mud Spa with roofing for shade.
SA Phendula (25th of September 2015)
Colebrook (27th of September 2015)
SA Phendula (26th of September 2015)
Relaxing in the heat.
Colebrook (30th of September 2015)
FINALLY the day we have been waiting for has arrived!
Our first litter was born this morning!
We had 8 piglets, sadly we did loose two, but it is Wiggal's first litter, so it is to be expected.
Needless to say we are over the moon and we expect Poppet's first litter in the next few days.
Kolbroek (April 2016)
New arrivals
Kolbroek (June 2016)
New arrivals
Colebrook (3rd of October 2015)
Poppet joined with her litter of 8 piglets.
Kolbroek (June 2016)
Poppet's second litter of 8 piglets
SA Phendula (16th of July 2016)
Double rabbit hutch
97% of the building materials are recycled
900 mm x 1500 mm per side or 1800 mm x 3000 mm total size