No transport carriers are provided and livestock is to be collected from the farm by the purchaser or their
employed animal travel agent.
When collecting livestock from our farm, please bring appropriate animal transport carriers.
These must be of a suitable size, preferably out of a solid material such as a light wood, with plenty of
ventilation holes. Hay should be placed on the bottom of the carrier.
Water bottles with nipples can be fixed to the crate. Apples and carrots should be provided in the crate.
This will minimise stress during transit, especially on a longer journey. In advance, purchase Protexin, a
probiotic and Stress Pac, a vitamin supplement.
Feed this to the animals as prescribed, for a few days after transporting them to help minimise stress.
Anyone within South Africa who wishes to fly animals to another area, please see below contact details of
animal transport agencies we are aware of.
Transport carriers must be supplied by whichever agent you employ as they are aware of the airlines
To All prospective buyers outside of South Africa who wish to import to their country PLEASE NOTE.
Once again, we are farmers, not import /export or transport agents……..
Nor are we animal transport carrier / crate makers.
In this instance shredded paper on the bottom of the transport crate is required as most borders will not allow
hay through.
To our knowledge you require an import certificate from your country according to its laws and possibly in
transit permits if you travel by road through another country. This usually has a limited number of animals
permitted (usually 8 in total) and a time limit on the allowed importation. This needs to be filled in, stamped
and signed by a South African State Veterinarian.
Before a State Veterinarian will oblige one needs to obtain a Private Veterinarians health certificate, stating
that they have examined each permanently identified animal and they are in good health.
Firstly all our livestock is permanently tattooed and identifiable as an individual as such.
We are prepared to transport animals to our Private Veterinarian and obtain this health certificate for a single
batch of animals due to be exported for a fee (As at July 2017 -  ZA Rand 1200-00 per import permit).
This vetting however, will only be done on your behalf, once all due funds have been deposited and cleared by
our bank. Any other requirements of your import permit such as State Veterinarian or transportation needs are
for you to arrange. See below for a list of animal travel agents we are aware of.
No livestock will be released to the buyer (vetted or loaded) until the invoiced amount is reflected and cleared
in the sellers’ bank account or paid in cash. Livestock is sold “Voetstoots” with no guarantee implied, at the
sellers’ premises.        
The seller is not responsible for any losses / death or any other damages whatsoever incurred by the buyer after
leaving the sellers’ property. Collection on date specified as “ready for collection” or within a 7 days thereof.
Thereafter a housing & feed fee of R 15-00 per day per animal will be charged for a further 7 days or the
animal/s will be sold to defray expenses. The buyer will confirm that the livestock was received in good order
at time of collection.                        
E. &.O.E.                                                

Animal Travel Agents Listed
Flying Animals.
+27 11 394 5411 also on Facebook.
Emergency 24/7 Numbers +27 82 825 5370 or +27 82 558 6858

Petport South Africa.
+27 867 227 678. +27 11 965 6397. +27 31 708 9011. +27 41 587 5030. +27 21 824 5288.

Global Paws.
+27 87 997 0540. +27 79 893 7111. +27 82 724 8503.
Petwings / A Div. of Keringa International.
+27 11 976 3030.

Paws and Claws.
+27 43 736 4056. +27 83 735 2413.
Pets Travel.
+27 861 738 247

AeroPets Worldwide.
+27 11 475 1195. +27 71 451 1366

Animal Travel Services.
+27-21-934 9556/7
For more contacts or useful information
IPATA : International Pet and Animal Transportation Association