You can contact us to design & build, or repairs and/or re-design of:

horse boxes, trailers, caravans, gates, general steelwork, bore holes

and anything else you might require.
We also arrange boreholes from A to Z.
Drilling at a plot in Rietfontein, we found water at 110 meters and drilled to 140 meters.
We equipped the borehole the next day.
Repair to a Alu-Star Pegasus horse box.

We replaced the ramp, shock brackets
and shocks.

We designed a stallion grid and rebuilt
the separation.

In addition we fitted the box with a
safety chain, repaired some fiber glass
cracks, fixed the rubber matting,
rehang the door and rewired the lights.
Now here is something we don't do every day.

Nothing that cleaning or replacing of pumps
and piping, re-wiring and water proofing
can't fix.

It might not fall under irrigation, but it is
working again.
Replace the burned out

igniter and re-cable the

light and it is working

between the wall fitting

and the septic tank to

replace the toilet pipe.
Repair to the garage floor and drive way in Ifafi.

Melodie and Schmansville.
House painting in Xanadu
Fence and roof repair