A bar we collapsed in Johannesburg and rebuild with some alterations in Pretoria.
Our DIY guide to building a nice small shelf.
What do you do, when you have a high ceiling in your house?
You call us and we build a loft and create additional space for you!
A cupboard with a build in fridge.
Replacing the doors and side panel of an old cupboard.
Replacing the steps of a stair case.
Out with the old .....
.... an in with the new.
Replacing the second stair case in the same home.
A TV cabinet in the making (We will post pictures of the finish product later).
A solid work bench we built and installed together with peck and note board.
And this is how it come together.
We built a solid Saligna headboard.
We built a solid Meranti double swinging door, wall mounted TV cabinet.
A new pine table top in the making.